What can a purchase agent do for you?


We would like to invite you for a personal meeting with one of our purchase agents. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your housing needs.


Are you interested in a house? Let us know and we will schedule a viewing with you. After our visit – if you are interested in the house – we compile an extensive inspection report for you. If you are not interested, we will of course look for other options.


Yes, your dream home has been found, but how do you proceed? Our inspection report enables us to determine a strategy together with you. We make a bid on your behalf, naturally under conditions that are relevant to you. All this of course after all documents belonging to the house have been properly reviewed by us.


Your dream home has been bought! We discuss the purchase deed and the notarial deed with you. We will also guide you to the final inspection of the house and the transfer at the notary.

Note: in the Amsterdam region, the deed of sale is drawn up by the notary and signed by the notary.