How can Mevrouw de Aankoopmakelaar be of service?



You do not buy a house every day. You have to deal with the sales broker who acts in the interest of the seller. With your own purchase broker who helps you, you as a buyer are in a much stronger position. You benefit from our knowledge of the market, our solidity and our extensive experience. For many years we have been an independent office between all regular brokers, who usually act on behalf of the sellers.


  • Do you not know exactly what to look out for during a visit?
  • Is the house structurally in good condition?
  • Do you know how to ask the right questions?
  • Do you find it difficult to negotiate?

The whole proces can be difficult but, it can be otherwise. Buying a house can really be done without worries! With the right guidance it is also possible to make the right decision, to find out what the house is worth, to choose a well-thought-out negotiation strategy and to know exactly what the fine print means in the purchase contract.


Take a look at our website under the heading ‘purchase’ for more information or make an appointment with one of our purchase agents. We work from different locations to serve you even better.